Magento Extension: Mass Shipment

08 March 2015 Vojta Grec

It has no configuration options and only adds two mass actions to Orders grid (Sales → Orders). The actions are "Ship (no emails)" and "Ship (with emails)", for every order selected they create a single shipment containing all shippable elements, and they differ in only one point – the "(with emails)" variant sends customer shipment notifications, whereas the second option "(no emails)" doesn't.

It is tested on Magento CE 1.9, but should work on other versions (including Enterprise), because no really version-specific code is used. There is an Observer that hooks onto the core_block_abstract_prepare_layout_before event, checks if the block is an instance of the Orders grid, and adds the custom mass actions. Then there is a really simple controller that does the real work. You can see for yourself, as the module is placed on GitHub and licensed under the (very permissive) MIT license, so feel free to check it out and use it.

Download the latest version


check out the GitHub repository

Moreover, there are more modules like this one that we will be eager to share with the world in the near future, so stay tuned :-)